How to hold the baby?

How to hold the baby?

As soon as the young family had a child, as a rule, parents do not know how to hold a baby. And only with time they realize that to carry the baby, keep it, no big deal.
First and foremost, parents should understand how to hold the baby and taking him in his arms.
1. In that case, if the baby is lying on the back, then you have to put a hand under his head, holding his neck. At this time the second hand hugging his back in the lumbar region.
2. If the baby lies on his tummy, one hand rests under the brea

How to hold the baby?

st so that the forefinger and thumb supported his neck and chin. At the same time, the second hand is brought under the belly of the newborn.
Next you need to figure out how to keep the child in his arms. Of course, methods can be weight, but experts generally there are a few basic. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and the child himself will show you how he wants to be held.
There are several ways how to hold a baby:
1. «Back to adult»
2. If the baby to wear on one hand is turned in, then he will have a desire to see the world, so he will turn his head. This situation is quite dangerous, there is a risk that the baby will develop torticollis.
3. The optimal position of the baby in her arms is when he is back to the parent, one hand positioned on the chest of the baby, the second support region and buttocks. In this position the baby can safely turn head in different directions, and tilting the head back is excluded.
4. «Buddha Posture». A newborn baby is back to you, with both of his legs in the area of the foot you pick up. You have to bring them to the tummy. Just ensure that they were fully relaxed. This position contributes to the development of the hip joints, and also relieves vitality. Moreover, quite often exercise is used for colic in baby.
Of course, at first you may not be able to properly hold the baby, but over time, with experience, you will not even notice how everything will learn. We also recommend you to read the article «manipulation of the child.»


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