How to prepare a soothing bath for baby

How to prepare a soothing bath for baby

How to prepare a soothing bath for baby

The first attempt to bathe the child cause the young and inexperienced parents a variety of emotions. With such a seemingly simple process they have numerous questions, among which are often found like this: «How to make a soothing bath for baby?»

Today parents have many different means for bathing infants, and the majority of them consists of natural extracts of herbs. All of these tools are very easy to use and great for baby skin. But still no extracts and extracts will not substitute for a natural product – the real grass. If you do not consider yourself a lazy, do decoctions of herbs, because they have doctors recommend bathing babies first year of life.

On our meadows grow many different herbs, so you can choose the ones that are best suited to your baby. There are herbs that relieve colic, there are those who dried skin, have a soothing. All of them can be successfully combined with detergents for children.

How to prepare a bath with herbs?

It is worth noting that for newborns you can’t use herbal blends. They can provoke the emergence of allergies or simply neutralize each other. In General, it is wiser to use when bathing only one grass, although they can be alternated. Thus, you can determine which grass is best for your baby.

For older kids (four to six months) do the bath with the collection of herbs. They are easy to find at the drugstore. Typically, such fees are herbs different actions: sedative, anti-allergic and antiseptic. The correct collection can have a comprehensive impact on the child’s body.

A herbal bath is usually prepared in the following way:

• take about four tablespoons of the dry herb;
• pour 1 liter of boiling water;
• wait an hour until rises;
• pour the infusion in bath water (37-39 degrees), before going to bathe the baby.

Soothing baths

They are particularly relevant to newborns with hyperactivity. Poor sleep and constant restlessness exhausting both parents and the child. To keep your baby well covered and became calmer, before going to bed to bathe him with sedative herbs, such as pine needles, Catnip, lavender, mint.

If your child is not sleep by day or you did not get to develop his mode of the day, receiving soothing baths before the day feeding is good too its calm and accustomed to day-dream at the same time.


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