He can feel the woman in the fourth month of pregnancy


In the fourth month of pregnancy, a woman may continue to feel physical and mental phenomena that have appeared in previous months. But can occur new, rare events that cause questions and concern to women.

These pregnancy symptoms can appear together or in certain time intervals. These include:


already more rare urination;

vomiting and nausea are less common;


heartburn, indigestion, bloating;

breast enlargement but with a decrease in pain and swelling;

sporadic headaches;

syncope and dizziness, particularly with sudden change of body position;

runny nose and bleeding from the nose.

Qatar ear;

bleeding gums;

increasing appetite;

lungs swelling of feet, hands and face;

the appearance of varicose veins of the lower leg or back passage;

whitish vaginal discharge;

movement of the fetus (mostly in very thin women and if you re pregnancy);

mood swings with irritability and tearfulness;

solace, feeling the joy of expecting a child and feeling its movement;

in some women, the feeling of a broken state of chaos in my head, forgetfulness


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