Pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy


 Can pregnancy occur and end safely after an ectopic pregnancy? This issue worries many women who survived a serious operation, the loss of an unborn yet already so beloved baby. Unfortunately, in women who underwent surgical intervention on the pelvic organs and deprived of a single fallopian tube, pregnancy occurs very often not with the first and sometimes even not with the second attempt. However, many people still have a chance to become a mother. Depending on the patency of the remaining pipe, general health, preparation for a subsequent pregnancy — a successful pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy can take place. How to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy — the timing, methods and their effectiveness How to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy About half a year, women who underwent surgery need prevent pregnancy, to allow the body to fully restore its functions. For this, doctors recommend the use of oral contraceptives, that is, birth control pills. This method of contraception is very reliable and guarantees almost 100% protection from unwanted pregnancy. In addition, half-yearly rest will give future ovaries an opportunity to work more intensively.

Thanks to this, after their abolition, you can quickly become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy.

How to prepare for pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy

First of all, the spouses need to understand that this is a very serious and responsible step — pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy. Both must undergo a full medical examination. The woman in this case has only a single fallopian tube, it needs to be kept and do everything possible to not repeat the heavy experience. At the stage of pregnancy planning after ectopic pregnancy, doctors are advised to take all tests to exclude possible unwanted infections that are sexually transmitted.

Sometimes there are hidden infections that occur completely unnoticed for a person. But at this time, when you consider yourself completely healthy, the bacteria parasitize the internal genitalia, including in the fallopian tubes, causing inflammation in them and leading to the formation of adhesions.

Adhesive process prevents the fertilized egg from moving to the uterus and it is implanted in the tube, abdominal cavity or on the ovary, which entails the development again of ectopic pregnancy and surgical intervention with possible removal of the second tube.

In order to determine whether it is possible to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to conduct another, very important examination, which makes it possible to determine the patency of the remaining tube. To do this, perform a not very pleasant, many women familiar procedure, which is called hysterosalpingography or GHA.

The results obtained during its conduct will clearly indicate whether the tube is traversable and whether it is possible to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy. If not, the doctor may recommend surgical intervention to dissect the adhesions. This operation is currently performed using the laparoscopic method and is easily tolerated by women. How to track ovulation? Can I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy? Doctors say yes. It is believed that ovulation occurs in completely healthy women, then in one or in another ovary alternately. But, in fact, one of the ovaries always leads. Fortunately, if such a leader is an ovary on the same side, where the uterine tube remains. T

hen the pregnancy will come faster and without any problems, especially if the woman is at a young age. If not, then you need to learn how to track ovulation (the time of release of the egg from the ovary), which significantly increases the likelihood of pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy. To trace ovulation, you can use the following methods: Use special test systems for ovulation. This method is suitable only for women who have sufficient financial resources, During one cycle it is necessary to use not less than 5 — 6 tests, and they cost not cheap. Measurement of basal temperature is the most budgetary option, which does not require any financial costs. This method carries little information, but has been tested for years of research. Folliculometry — the definition of ovulation by ultrasound. The most accurate and reliable method to date. Watching your feelings. During ovulation, in the side of that ovary, where the egg is ripe or the aching pains appear in the lower abdomen. A day before the release of the egg, there often appear secretions, stretching, odorless, reminiscent of the structure of the protein of a chicken egg. Tracking ovulation can easily become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy.


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