Whether newborn mattress?


Today, manufacturers of children’s mattresses offer a huge selection. In any respectable store you will find a variety of mattresses in composition and properties, which in addition produces an orthopedic effect. But are they really such? What should be the mattress, so it won’t harm the health of the baby?

Orthopedic mattress is a product that provides while sleeping straight position of the spine. It perfectly adapts to the curve of the body of the crumbs and keeps the horizontal position of his body.

The advantages of an orthopedic mattress for babies over conventional

Experts recommend buying for babies hard mattress which would be consisted of natural and eco-friendly material such as coconut fiber. Such a filler is hygroscopic, elastic, breathable, does not absorb moisture and odors, ensures the correct position of baby’s spine. Of course, this is very important as the newborn child is very much asleep.

To increase the density of the coconut fiber and do not allow to penetrate inside dust and mites, manufacturers of mattresses added to the composition of natural impregnation. Many young mothers believe that coconut mattress is very hard for a baby, not knowing what this surface is the most useful for baby sleep. Since the child loves to sleep in the stroller, parents need to think about buying a coconut mattress and her.

As for older children (from one year), they can purchase a children’s mattress with a combined filler – latex-coir. Layers of filler can be interleaved, but there are models that have two sides: hard of coir and soft latex. For those kids aged more than three years, you can buy a complete latex foam mattresses with a thickness of 10 cm, and children 6 years of age and better suited thicker and soft models.

In addition to latex, orthopedic children’s mattresses can be used polyurethane foam filling. This material is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, fireproof and provides thermal insulation and thermoregulation. Products can consist entirely of polyurethane foam or still have a layer of coir.

Carefully follow the purity and integrity of the mattress. Periodically turn and ventilate him or worn-out model may have a negative impact on the development of


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