The diet of the baby on the third year of life


Many parents think that 3 years old child can eat the same dishes as adults.

Many parents think that 3 years old child can eat the same dishes as adults. It is not so.

Of course, three baby can eat more food, than in the first years of life.

However, for the healthy development and growth of a child needs good nutrition with a balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Children’s bodies are still growing very rapidly, so it needs constant margin of safety in the form of energy obtained from food. So, what does a baby need?

Nutrition at this age should be three to four times. Try to do without snacks, and night feeding is necessary to exclude completely. At the age of 3 years, the immune and digestive system of the child’s body enough so the child no longer needs breast milk. And yet fatty food, it is advisable not to consume, especially at night. In 3 years the daily requirement of the child’s body is not more than 1600 kcal per day.

This quantity is distributed approximately as follows:

Breakfast 25%;
lunch 35%;
afternoon tea 15%;
dinner 25%.

The volume of food depends on the appetite of each child.

Vegetables and fruits

The child must receive the necessary amount of vitamins, dietary fiber, vegetable fat and mineral substances in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Perfect and dried fruits. They are not only rich in various mineral substances: potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, but also possess some healing properties.

For example, dried apricots are useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system and for constipation, and dried pear with frequent indigestion and tendency to diarrhea. Do not pursue a beautiful bright types of dried fruit — most likely to save the presentation they were treated with chemical dyes.
Meat and fish

Full development of the growing organism is impossible without a sufficient amount of animal protein. Therefore, in the daily diet of 3-year-old child should include meats and lean fish (approximately 60-70 g).

Permitted fried chicken, pork chops. Expand child menu cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, stews, braised meats and chicken.

Through the day the kid can give one boiled egg or omelette. In addition, in the daily diet should be dairy products — cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, fermented baked milk, milk, natural yoghurts.

No less important to enrich a child menu of easily digestible carbohydrates — grains and cereals. At this age you need to give a crumbly porridge — millet, barley, barley, with the addition of the required amount of butter.

Of course, each meal is complete without bread — wheat and rye. For Breakfast or dinner, you can give milk porridge — semolina, buckwheat, sweet and fresh pastries like cheesecake.

Some parents believe that fats are harmful to health, and try to limit the children in their consumption.

But it’s not quite right — some types of fats are essential for the functioning of the child’s body: polyunsaturated fats (contained in seafood, fish, walnuts) and monounsaturated (almonds and olive oil). They are required for brain and cell renewal.

The most harmful are the fats that are formed during heating of vegetable oil.

Liquid required child’s body in fairly large quantities. Try not to restrict the child. In three years he can drink virtually any drink (except coffee). This tea, juices (preferably fresh), kissel, compote from fresh fruit, dried fruit, milk, yogurt.
Sample menu child 3 years

Morning: Apple 130 g;
Breakfast: semolina — 150-170 g;
Lunch: pea soup with croutons on meat broth — 220 g; potato casserole with meat and cream sauce — 250/20 g; cucumber — 130 grams; compote of dried fruits — 170g; bread;
Afternoon snack: ice cream — 100 g juice — 150 g;
Dinner: salad from fresh cabbage — 50 g, fish under scrambled eggs — 100 g; sugar — 150 g; bread;
Before bed: cookies — 30 g yogurt — 150 g
We offer you two recipes: a children’s version of a main dish from the «Cool recipes» and a dessert of cheese.

Spider meatballs

Always more fun to eat, if the dish is decorated with fun and fiction! For such creativity does not need any exotic products.

To prepare the spider we need: chicken, fries and 8 pieces of cheese and two cloves (spices).

Cook in the oven burgers. The stuffing can be plain, but the shape of the patties should not be flat, but in the form of a round ball (so better in the oven, they brown on all sides). Separately, fry the French fries.

Next, start arranging the dishes. Put in the center of the plate cutlet (this will be the body of a spider), from the potatoes put the legs, 4 on each side. From hard cheese to make the spider eyes and secure them with two cloves (get pupils). The mouth can be drawn with ketchup.

Your child does not like cheese and refuses to eat it? That can’t happen. According to many experts, the cottage cheese — almost the most useful product available. Let’s prepare a little delicious cheesecake.

You will need:

150 g of biscuits;
75 g butter;
500 g of cottage cheese;
3 eggs;
50 g of sour cream;
120 g of sugar;
orange peel.

Skip the cookies through a meat grinder, add the softened butter and mix. Line a baking parchment on it even layer cookies, mixed with oil. Put the mixture in the refrigerator.

Whisk eggs with sugar and add to the cream cheese sour cream with sugar. Mix. Then pour the eggs in a bowl of curd and beat with a mixer. There also send the zest of one orange, grated on a fine grater.

Then remove from refrigerator biscuits and place on it a cottage cheese-egg mixture. Cheesecake is cooked in the steamer (45 minutes) in the oven (putting the form in another filled with water 35 minutes) or in a water bath. Cheesecake is ready, if the center of the curd is still a bit wet. Cool and store overnight in the refrigerator. From the top you can sprinkle grated chocolate.


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