The rolls and sushi during pregnancy

The rolls and sushi during pregnancy

Today Japanese cuisine for many people become as native as the Russian. Fish, rice, seaweed, wasabi and ginger successfully included in the diet of modern man and became his favorite treat. But is it possible to have rolls and sushi during pregnancy, because now especially need to monitor their diet? Useful whether such eating?

According to experts, during pregnancy, will have to abandon the use of land, for cooking which uses fresh fish. It used to be you could order rolls through the Internet and nothing to worry about, but now everything has changed and you need to carefully monitor their diet.

For anybody not a secret that raw fish can hide worms and parasites which negatively affect the body, taking away his nutrients. However, most such infections are not able to directly affect the fetus, but indirectly through complications with the gastrointestinal tract, liver they can realize their subversive activities. However, we should not forget about such dangerous parasites that can cause miscarriage. Also in the future you will find useful information about what can be eaten nursing mom, and what not.

However, if you really so badly wanted to eat sushi rolls or during pregnancy, ask whether frozen fish is in the dish. As you know, seafood freeze completely get rid of pests and may enter into the diet of expectant mothers. Also safe pickled, smoked and salted products. Safe can also be considered heat treated rolls.

If you prefer to cook rolls at home, then put them on a day to freeze. But if you decide to insure, it is best to change Eastern cuisine perfectly fried or cooked fish and seafood. Proteins, minerals and vitamins, and polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 beneficial to the brain development of the child.

We can not say that the ginger, which is an integral part of Japanese cuisine, can cause you to have an allergic reaction. There were cases when after eating this product expectant mothers admitted to the hospital or got an attack of acute urticaria.

Why make yourself extra things to worry about? Refrain from such foreign food!

The rolls and sushi during pregnancy


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